Product Properties

Innovative ideas for your home

LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring is not only convincing due to the unique ambience it creates in your home but also due to innovative technologies, powerful properties and good ideas - such as antistatic equipment that avoids electrostatic charging and discharging. Or an integrated impact sound insulation that does not only make the installation of additional materials redundant but also has a positive influence on the acoustics of the room. All LOGOCLIC products are lightfast, insensitive to stains, extremely hard-wearing and highly durable. Real quality workmanship - which is not least also due to the fact that all LOGOCLIC products are made in Germany. That is to say: really good ideas!

Silentos Pro - Silent flooring with footfall and impact sound insulation

(The reduction in footfall and walking sound level is dependent on the subsoil structure.)

Solid wood floor has a special sound when walking across it: soft, warm and cosy. An effect that can hardly be achieved with laminate - unless you use LOGOCLIC products such as Silentos (-50% | -25%) or Ambienta (-50% | -30%). These feature a very special footfall and impact sound insulation.


Ouch! Everybody has experienced this before: you unsuspectingly touch a door handle at home and get a shock. The cause of this harmless but unpleasant electric discharge is the electrostatic charging. The officially certified antistatic system integrated into LOGOCLIC guarantees that no such charging can occur since the conductivity of the laminate always ensures earthing so that the laminate always has a neutral charge and there is no charge balancing when it comes into contact with other surfaces. This means no shock and no twinging.

Trimmed L-joint 

LOGOCLIC in tile and natural stone look is a laminate that combines decor and functionality in an impressive way. The lifelike jointing achieved by its circumferential realistic U-joint creates an ambience that is reminiscent of holiday and the sea. As it can be installed in cross joint look, the flooring gives the impression of authentic tiles.

Trimmed V-joint 

The long-side joint of LOGOCLIC laminate flooring does not only convince by its top quality and extremely easy installation but creates a generous impression of every room. LOGOCLIC laminate flooring with its circumferential V4-joint has the charm of genuine timber floor. The joints give your laminate flooring an attractive timber floor effect and create a unique ambience.

Never-ending – Endless timber floor look

Endless installation is achieved by seamless transitions from one panel to the next one. With its hardly visible short-side joints and long-side V-joints, the panels visually enlarge your room. Your flooring gives the charming impression of authentic timber floor with a continuous look.

These qualities are offered by each LOGOCLIC product: