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Water-resistant laminate?

LOGOCLIC® Laminate for wet areas

Kitchen and bathroom. Both are considered wet areas. Here, water is handled, splashed and steam can occur. This poses a problem for laminate flooring. Not for the water-resistant design floor Aquaprotect from LOGOCLIC® though! It can be laid in the bathroom or kitchen without worrying, because it withstands moisture and water accumulation cannot harm the floor. And other advantages make Aquaprotect the first choice for your home!

Wet area design flooring

Laminate in the bathroom? Go for Aquaprotect moisture-proof design flooring instead

The bathroom is the number one wet area in a home. It’s where people bathe, shower, wash clothes and handle water. That's why you need a water-resistant floor covering in the bathroom. Tiles are often the first choice. But tiles often give bathrooms the character of a sterile wet room.

Avoid this – simply use Aquaprotect! Aquaprotect from LOGOCLIC® is a suitable floor covering for the bathroom. This is because the design floor is moisture-proof and is also slip-resistant, which is a real blessing especially when getting out of the bathtub or shower with wet feet.

Water-resistant design floor for the cooking area

Do it differently from the others – install a hard-wearing design floor in the kitchen! Aquaprotect is very hard-wearing and robust, impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant and also very easy to maintain, which is probably the biggest advantage in the kitchen area. If a floor is also water-resistant, nothing can go wrong. Instead of tiled flooring, why not choose Aquaprotect moisture-proof decor flooring in the kitchen – it withstands all requirements and you can choose from a comprehensive range of decors.

A moisture-proof design floor has further advantages

We have already mentioned that the Aquaprotect design floor is water-resistant and non-slip. But LOGOCLIC® design flooring can do much more: Aquaprotect is particularly quiet. It is also odourless, healthy for the home, i.e. does not release any harmful substances, antistatic, allergy-friendly, natural and PVC-free. Ideal for your living space!

Aquaprotect has convinced you? Then take a look at the different decors and prepare your purchase at your local BAUHAUS with the help of the shopping planner.