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Sustainability, environment and climate protection are the big issues of our time. The carelessness of the last decades in dealing with our resources and raw materials must be questioned. Shaken up and sensitised for the preservation and saving of our nature, new, future-oriented strategies and concepts are required.

Today more than ever, living consciously means treating materials with respect. Whether clothing, furniture or building materials – the raw material is the basis of all products that fill and enrich our lives. Yet where do raw materials such as cotton and wood come from? Have they been chemically treated? Is the preservation of raw materials also ensured in the future?

What is certain, however, is that sustainability, top quality and good design are not contradictory. The opposite is the case. Laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are products of innovative technology, all of which are produced from up to 90 % wood, including waste wood, which comes from certified, sustainably managed forests. The use of renewable raw materials is part of the performance principle, as is environmentally friendly and pesticide-free production.

Laminate flooring & laminate by LOGOCLIC® 

Laminate flooring by LOGOCLIC® impresses in many areas 

Whether for your bedroom, living room or even for your bathroom: laminate flooring and hard vinyl flooring from LOGOCLIC® are the ideal foundation for your home! At LOGICLIC® you will find a comprehensive range of different laminate floors, from real wood to tile look. And our vinyl floors with their unique decors are also awaiting you. And all of them have one thing in common: laminate and hard vinyl from LOGOCLIC® are robust, easy to maintain, offer a high degree of individuality and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® offers the following advantages:

  • Robust: LOGOCLIC® laminate impresses with its high load-bearing capacity and is almost scratch-, imprint- and wear-resistant.
  • Natural: the natural look and feel of the laminate flooring will give your living space a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Straightforward: thanks to the simple clic system, laminate is a straightforward flooring from laying through to maintenance.
  • Heat-resistant: laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is flame retardant.
  • Hypoallergenic: laminate offers no place for dust and thus dust mites, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Light-fast: laminate from LOGOCLIC® is UV-resistant – sunlight does not cause discolouration.
  • Guaranteed: LOGOCLIC® offers a full 30-year warranty on your laminate flooring!
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Laminate from LOGOCLIC® – high quality and affordable at the same time

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is manufactured in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. LOGOCLIC® laminate is made from 90 percent renewable raw material wood. In addition, mainly residual wood from forest maintenance work is used in the production process. And nature plays an important role in design, too:

Thanks to the colours, the design and look and feel, laminate from LOGOCLIC® is inferior to parquet flooring in only a few respects. This is the price-performance ratio of LOGOCLIC® – top quality at an affordable price!

Laminate to feel good – from insulation to skirting boards

LOGOCLIC® not only offers a comprehensive range of laminate flooring, you will also find all the accessories you need to lay and maintain your laminate flooring. Find out here about the best insulating underlay for your requirements, about the right cleaning agents for your laminate flooring and about matching skirting boards and profiles.

A modern living room equipped with a LOGOCLIC<sup>®</sup> floor

Do you have any questions about laminate flooring?

What do I do if the surface is scratched?  How do I clean the laminate? Which insulating underlay do I need? What do the different abrasion classes mean? The LOGICLIC® website provides information on all these and many other questions. You will also find helpful tips on laying laminate! Find out here about the LOGOCLIC® product range: from laminate flooring to wall panels and matching accessories. Have fun discovering and browsing!