Live Better with Laminate

Laminate flooring from Logoclic proves its worth in many ways

Whether for your bedroom, living room or even for your bathroom, laminate flooring from Logoclic is the ideal foundation for your home! At Logoclic, you will find a comprehensive selection of laminate flooring in differing styles, from real wood to tile in appearance. And all of Logoclic’s laminate flooring has these things in common: high durability, ease of cleaning and a high degree of individuality, all coming together to create a pleasant environment in your home.

Here are some of the major advantages of Logoclic laminate flooring:

  • Robust: Logoclic laminate offers high strength and is scratch, dent and wear resistant.
  • Natural: The natural look and feel of laminate flooring will give your living room the ambience you desire.
  • Straightforward: From installation – thanks to the simple click-system – to maintenance, Logoclic laminate flooring is easy.
  • Heat resistant: Laminate flooring from Logoclic is fire resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic: Laminate offers no place for dust and dust mites to hide, so this type of flooring is ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Colourfast: Logoclic laminate is UV resistant – sunlight causes no discolouration.
  • Guaranteed: Logoclic offers a full 30-year warranty on your laminate flooring!

Laminate by Logoclic – low price and high quality

Laminate flooring from Logoclic is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This type of laminate is made from 90 percent waste wood, which Logoclic sources from forest preservation and maintenance projects to ensure a low impact on the environment. Nature even plays an important role in the design of these laminate products. The look and feel of the laminate makes it hard to distinguish from the real thing. This is what you get thanks to the high quality of Logoclic products – and at a great price!

Feel good about Laminate – from insulation to baseboards

Logoclic not only offers a comprehensive range of laminate flooring, but also any accessories that you might need for the installation and maintenance of Logoclic laminate flooring. Find out more about the best underlay for your project, the correct cleaning agent for your flooring, and which height profiles and baseboards best suit your needs.

Do you have questions about laminate?

What do I do with surface scratches? How do I clean the laminate? Which underlay do I need? What do the different wear classifications mean? For all of these questions and many more, Logoclic’s website has the answers. You can also find helpful tips for installing laminate flooring!

Find out more about the full product line-up from Logoclic – laminate flooring, wooden wall panelling and matching accessories. Enjoy browsing through our selection and happy shopping!