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LOGOCLIC® ceiling & wall panels

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Set decorative highlights with ceiling & wall panels from LOGOCLIC®

The wall and ceiling panels from LOGOCLIC® are functional, cosy and decorative at the same time. Whether you want laminate on the wall or on the ceiling – we will make sure it's an eye-catcher! Do you want more cosiness in your living rooms? With the wood panels from LOGOCLIC® you can enhance the please feeling of well-being inside your own four walls.

Why not try something new to decorate your walls? The functional and stylish wall panels from LOGOCLIC® improve every living space.

Wall and ceiling panels made of laminate give your home its own individual look

Wood panels are right on trend and have developed into a very popular decorative element for living areas. Whether in the hallway, in the kitchen, the children's, living or dining room– wood panels are an attractive eye-catcher for walls and ceilings. Let your creativity run free and give your four walls a modern and cosy atmosphere with individuality.

Laminate made wall panels from logoclic

The advantages of wall panels at a glance

LOGOCLIC® wall and ceiling panels feature lots of benefits:

  • Wood panels from LOGOCLIC® are available in a wide variety of decors – exactly to your taste!
  • The wall and ceiling panels from LOGOCLIC® are easy to maintain and moisture-proof.
  • LOGOCLIC® panels for walls and ceilings are also thermal- and sound-insulating.
  • Installation of the wood panels is child's play and is done in no time.


Create decorative highlights on walls and ceilings using wood panels from LOGOCLIC®. Choose between the four LOGOCLIC® wall and ceiling panels: DecorationVariation and Wall Effect 3D.