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8168 Oak Ardal
Oak Ardal
4274 Oak Sogne
Eiche Sogne

Aquaprotect Smart

The exceptionally low built-up height of Aquaprotect smart enables smooth transitions to all rooms. This also applies to the transitions to bathroom floors, because Aquaprotect smart is water-resistant and antibacterial.

TÜV Profi CertBlue AngelEmissions level100 hours surface water protectioneco InstitutPEFCORCA
20 years warranty
Organic coreboard
V-joint V4
Grade level 32
1clic 2go pure+
Thickness 6mm
Suitable for bathrooms
Suitable for underfloor heating
1288 x 195 x 6 mm
Paket: 11 Paneele | Contents: 2.76 m²
Laminate decor: Oak Lucha
Oak Lucha
Laminate decor: Oak Ardal
Oak Ardal
Laminate decor: Oak Eurus
Oak Eurus
Laminate decor: Eiche Sogne
Eiche Sogne
Laminate decor: Skyscraper Oak
Skyscraper Oak
Laminate decor: Eiche Tyri
Eiche Tyri

One for all rooms

Aquaprotect smart is the premium laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC®, whose low built-up height and super-easy 1clic2go Pure+ laying system makes laying a breeze. Humidity and moisture are not to be feared with Aquaprotect smart – thanks to O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology. This production process makes the wood fibers incapable of absorbing moisture.

Whether at home or in commercial settings, Aquaprotect smart - with abrasion class AC5 - is a tough partner. Aquaprotect smart is ideal for underfloor heating systems, be it hot water or regulated electric underfloor heating. And the surrounding V-joint ensures harmonious and pleasing looks.

O.R.C.A. – simply better

The wood fibers are mechanically processed multiple times in this production process to obtain especially small fibers.  In the subsequent process, a special organic binding agent encloses the fibers and thus isolates them from moisture.

O.R.C.A. Organic Rigid Coreboard Antistatic. Moisture Defense Technology

Wholly ecologically-minded

100% CO2 neutral! The production of the carrier board releases less CO2 than was stored in the trees used to produce it. The purely biologically based components are absolutely organic. This also applies to the innovative 1clic2go Pure click connection.

Due to the nature of the surface coating, a reduction in bacterial activity is achieved without the use of biocides.

The environmentally friendly laminate Aquaprotect smart is certified with the Blue Angel eco label and by the Cologne eco-INSTITUTE.

There’s no daily life without mishaps

Be it in the kitchen, in bathroom or dining room, mishaps happen almost every day. The mop bucket tips over, a glass falls from the table or the pasta water boils over. However, with the Aquaprotect smart there is no need to panic when these daily disasters happen. You can take your time to sort out the mishap.

Things should be nice and bright

Floor-to-ceiling windows or conservatories, in particular, are a challenge for many floor coverings. Temperature fluctuations and long direct exposure to light can cause unsightly discoloration over time. However, this is not true of Aquaprotect smart. Compliant with Level 6, the highest Blue Wool Scale level, Aquaprotect smart performs excellently in rooms with strong light incidence.

Installation made easy

The click connection on Aquaprotect smart, the 1clic2go Pure+ system, is extra-stable. Due to this click connection no liquid can penetrate the flooring. The O.R.C.A Moisture Defense Technology makes it possible to lay large surfaces without expansion joints*. The flooring can be installed without transition profiles between rooms with similar climate conditions (please observe Laminate Laying Manual ).


Core material:HDF
Usage class:Usage class 23/33: for high-use residential areas/for high-use commercial areas
Suitable for:Underfloor heating
Mechanical protection:Pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant
Abrasion class:AC5
Chair castors suitable for:Private use
Fire behaviour:Cfl-S1
Environment/health:Low-emission, solvent-free, free of softening agents
LOGOCLIC® warranty:20 years