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Insulating underlays for laminate and parquet

Insulation and underlays for laminate protect against moisture, ensure minimised footfall sound and compensate for unevenness in the subfloor. It is thus highly recommended to use an insulating underlay before laying a laminate floor. At LOGOCLIC® you will find various underlays and insulation for laminate with different properties – LOGOCLIC® offers a suitable product depending on individual requirements.

The functions of insulation and underlay for laminate

An underlay with this function prevents moisture from penetrating into the laminate floor via the subfloor.

Small irregularities in the subfloor can be evened out with insulation or underlay.

Insulation for laminate ensures that the footfall sound is reduced. This minimises the noise created by walking on the laminate.

Some of the underlays and insulations for laminate insulate against rising cold from the subfloor and are therefore ideal for thermal insulation.

Make sure you have the right underlay

Before you lay laminate, find out about the necessary accessories. It is important to choose the right insulation and underlay for laminate. Depending on the subfloor or the nature of the floor, you may need insulation that compensates for possible unevenness and also acts as a vapour barrier. If you use underfloor heating, you should choose an underlay for laminate that is suitable for this type of heating and has good values in terms of thermal resistance. LOGOCLIC® also has suitable solutions to prevent impact sound and footfall sound.

Insulation materials for laminate

Materials such as polymer, polyurethane foam, wood fibre, natural cork or XPS form the basis for your laminate flooring. The Pro Acoustic + insulating underlay, for example, consisting of visco-elastic polymers with an aluminium coating, is a true all-rounder: it acts as a vapour retarder, evens out critical substrates and reduces footfall sound. Insulation and underlays made of cork or wood fibre are particularly environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

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