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Colour guide

Which colours should you choose?

Colours can have a stimulating or calming effect on us. They give us warmth and security or clarity and purity. The colour scheme in our own four walls can therefore contribute a great deal to our well-being. We are happy to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you plan the right laminate flooring for your home.

You can use the following tips as a guide

But before you read on and become inspired by the colour guide for laminate flooring, we would like to give you the following initial advice: when planning your interiors, always bear in mind the premise that “less is more”! Admittedly: when it comes to decor options using different laminate colours and decors, laminate is spoilt for choice. You are simply tempted to give each room of the home a very individual flair with different laminate. Viewed in isolation by room, this option offers great potential. But don't lose sight of the big picture – namely your flat! 

Too many different floor coverings make the flat restless and can quickly give the impression of “all show and no go”. Therefore, decide on a basic colour which, if necessary in slight variations, runs as a “theme” through your home. 

Dark colours 

Dark-coloured flooring, such as with laminate walnut (e.g. the “Walnut Torent” decor from the Family product group) or laminate slate look (e.g. the Ceramico floor in the “Slate Nardo” decor) tends to make rooms look smaller. However, it gives large rooms a noble and elegant flair. Note, however, that if the floor is too dark, there is a risk that the room will take on a gloomy atmosphere. In this case, light accents on the wall and furniture are particularly important!

Light colours 

Floors with light colours such as beech laminate or birch laminate make rooms look larger and longer. A light floor with rather dark furniture creates a quaint, timeless ambience. The example shown is Family laminate flooring in “Beech Odenwald” decor.

Play with the colour combination of laminate flooring, ceiling and walls

Light floor & light walls

Light colours convey a friendly atmosphere, especially in rooms that are rather small and lack natural light. So use the combination of a light-coloured floor and light-coloured walls to make such rooms appear spacious by making them seem longer. The laminate for the hallway in particular should be light, because a light hallway looks inviting and open. However, if the colour scheme is too bright and uniform, the result can also turn out the opposite. Look for a subtly structured floor and colourful/dark counter accents in the furnishings, otherwise the room can very quickly look sterile and uncomfortable. The example picture shows the Vinto 192/8 product family with the “Oak Vigo” decor.

Light floor & different coloured walls

Rooms with different coloured walls are becoming increasingly popular. Here, one or more walls are designed colourfully and/or with eye-catching patterns to create a contrast. Depending on the arrangement of the coloured walls, you can achieve different effects: 

  • A light-coloured floor in combination with dark side walls and a light-coloured back wall makes the room appear visually particularly high, long and narrow. Especially if the windows are on the back wall, the light wall and floor colour works as an amplification of the natural light source
  • A light floor with a coloured/dark back wall, on the other hand, makes the room appear smaller and less deep. This effect can be used specifically in narrow rooms.

Dark floor & light walls

If a room has a dark floor, light walls and a light ceiling, it gives a wide, calm and friendly impression. This is because it corresponds to the natural feeling of the room when the floor is darkest and the ceiling (the sky) is lightest. The high-contrast transition from floor to wall provides vanishing lines that draw the viewer's gaze to the side. This gives the room a visually wider effect.

Discover the range of colours of LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring

When it comes to surface texture, LOGOCLIC® offers you a wide range of laminate and real wood look as well as a tile or stone look. No matter what furnishing style you are planning, you will find the right laminate flooring with us. The colour spectrum ranges from light to dark – from anthracite grey, such as the “Slate Anthracite” decor from the Ceramico product group, to reddish brown, such as the “Hickory Morino” decor from the Silentos laminate flooring, to beige (Vinto 192/10 laminate, “Diamond Oak” decor) or white, such as the “Bianco” decor from the Ceramico 1285 product group. You can also choose between matt laminate and glossy laminate.