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Hard vinyl flooring from LOGOCLIC®

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Vinyl flooring – a real all-rounder

If you choose hard vinyl flooring, you are letting a real all-rounder into your home. It is easy to maintain and hard-wearing, has a high load-bearing capacity, is anti-bacterial and looks good at the same time. A versatile, quiet and warm underfoot floor covering that is easy to lay using a click system, just like “normal” laminate. And: our hard vinyl flooring from LOGOCLIC® is also suitable for wet areas thanks to its water-resistant properties.

Properties & advantages of hard vinyl flooring

LOGOCLIC® elementPro also scores in terms of health and walking feeling. This is proven by classification in the best emission class according to the VOC A+ emission scale.

The advantages of hard vinyl flooring at a glance:

A resistant vinyl floor from logoclic

Hard vinyl flooring or laminate flooring? These are the differences.

The most important difference between laminate and hard vinyl is the raw material. While laminate flooring consists largely of wood, hard vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. PVC is a thermoplastic, elastic and resistant plastic. Vinyl used to have the reputation of containing harmful plasticisers, but this is no longer the case. These are no longer used in the EU, which is why hard vinyl flooring from LOGOCLIC® is completely harmless to health.

Recommendations & tips for hard vinyl flooring

LOGOCLIC® vinyl flooring is a reliable and durable living partner – our product warranty of 30 years for residential use vouches for this. Thanks to its low installation height, you lose very little room height and the practical 1clic2go Pure click system makes hard vinyl flooring particularly easy to lay. Depending on the product, you can choose between a wood or tile look, which creates the deceptively real impression of real tiles or real wooden floorboards thanks to an all-round U- or V-joint.

Hard vinyl flooring is a particularly hard-wearing, durable floor covering made of PVC in a wood or tile look. It is water resistant, non-slip, scratch and abrasion resistant and anti-bacterial – one of the key properties of vinyl flooring.

Hard vinyl flooring still has the reputation of containing harmful plasticisers – wrongly! LOGOCLIC® hard vinyl flooring has the highest indoor air quality A+ and has been classified in the best emission class according to the VOC A+ emission scale. It is therefore completely harmless to health.

LOGOCLIC® vinyl flooring is laid using the 1clic2go Pure click system. In this process, the individual panels are clicked together using the zip method and fixed with a hammer and tapping block. It must not be glued, nailed or screwed down, but is laid as a floating floor. We provide detailed laying instructions.

Step-by-step instructions for laying vinyl flooring