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A transition profile – or transition strip – is used, as the name implies, at transition points between laminate flooring and other floor coverings. Expansion joints are necessary when laying laminate flooring, so that changes in the laminate caused by differences in temperature and air humidity can be compensated. Transition profiles cover these expansion joints and ensure a harmonious look.

The use of transition profiles

Unlike with adapter profiles, the two floor coverings connected by the transition profile have to have the same height. Adapter profiles compensate the difference in height, transition strips simply cover the somewhat unsightly transition between two floor coverings.

Possibilities for installing transition profiles

There are different ways of installing transition profiles:

  • Plastic dowels: the transition profiles are held in place very well by plastic dowels fixed to the floor, making them look good too, since no screw holes are visible on the upper side.
  • Adhesive: adhesive strips attached to the underside of the profile or by assembly adhesive hold the transition strips in place well and without any screw holes visible.
  • Screws: some of the transition profiles from LOGOCLIC® can be screwed down. This means that these profiles have screw holes through which you can screw the profiles to the subfloor.