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Where two different floor coverings meet, so-called adapter profiles are used. The transition from carpet, tile or PVC flooring to laminate is bridged beautifully, harmoniously and practically with the adapter profiles. Adapter profiles are also the solution for different heights: they connect the higher floor covering with the lower one, thus avoiding tripping hazards and preventing damage to the edges of the coverings.

How adapter profiles work

  • Plastic punch dowel: the installation of these adapter profiles is quick and easy. Using a plastic dowel which is attached to the subfloor of the laminate flooring, the profile is fixed and thus compensates the difference in height.
  • Slide-in function: with this variant, the adapter profile is slid into place. Thanks to the self-adhesive function, the profile withstands loads.
  • Screwable profiles: the adapter profile is screwed to the floor covering thus preventing it from slipping.
  • Self-adhesive: some adapter profiles are self-adhesive and thus stick to the floor covering without screws.
  • Swivel joint: some adapter profiles work with a swivel joint. A base rail is fixed to the subfloor. The cover rail is connected to the base rail by a swivel joint with a screw – the screw is perfectly flush with the top edge of the profile. Due to the swivel joint, different height differences can be connected easily and without any problems.

Take a look at the profile range from LOGOCLIC®. Alongside adapter profiles you will also find transition profiles, end profiles and instructions on installing the profile strips.