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In terms of space, living situations are gradually becoming more and more open. This means that the living room, dining room or kitchen are often no longer separate units, but one large room. This makes great technical demands, because different floor coverings are often laid in the individual areas. To ensure that the finish of the floor coverings is visually and technically perfect, end profiles are laid.

The technical necessity of end profiles

With laminate and also with other floor coverings, so-called expansion joints must be maintained – because the covering changes due to temperature and humidity. The expansion joint compensates this change. But an open joint doesn’t look nice. With end profiles, you can elegantly make the unsightly gap disappear and the connection to the tiled, carpeted or tiled floor is optimally concealed.

End profiles from LOGOCLIC®

  • End profile for insertion: so-called “plug-in rails” cleanly finish off the edges of the laminate flooring. They are available for different floor heights and lengths.
  • End profile for screwing or gluing: this type of profile is perfect for all finishes and edges and is available in several sizes. The profile is fastened by screws or self-adhesive.
  • Angle profile: this type of profile is ideal for finishing stair edges. It has non-slip grooves and is screwed to the stair.


Take a look at the selection of profiles, from end profiles through adapter profiles to transition profiles, and buy the profile you require at your local BAUHAUS specialist centre.