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Light-coloured laminate

Light-coloured laminate for a generous appearance

Buy light-coloured laminate from LOGOCLIC®. You will find a comprehensive of different laminate floors in wood and tile look. Light-coloured laminate is a good way of opening a room up visually. Which is why it is ideal for small rooms with little natural light. In addition, it can be combined with lots of different styles – depending on the grain and colour nuance it matches the furnishings of your choice. Find out here about light-coloured laminate and the individual product lines from LOGOCLIC®.

Light-coloured laminate floors:

Light-coloured laminate in small rooms

The floor covering is a decisive factor for the atmosphere in the room. With the right flooring in the right colour, difficult proportions can be easily concealed. Use light-coloured laminate flooring in smaller rooms with darker lighting conditions. Because a light-coloured floor makes the room look longer and gives it a certain spaciousness, whether in the children's room, the kitchen or the office.

Different decors for light-coloured laminate

LOGOCLIC® offers you a wide range of decors to choose from. In the range you will find real wood look with lively and simple grain, long planks or panels in standard sizes and also different usage classes are available. At LOGOCLIC® you can also get light-coloured laminate in tile look, with square or rectangular tiles. With this comprehensive selection, you can achieve every imaginable style.

Have you found what you are looking for and decided on a light-coloured laminate? Then use the shopping planner to create your individual shopping list, which will help you plan the quantity and suggest the right accessories. You can buy light-coloured laminate from LOGOCLIC® at your local BAUHAUS and take it with you straight away.