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Laminate for children’s rooms

Which flooring is better for the children’s room? Laminate or carpet?

When you want to furnish your living room, office or children’s room, there is one question that always needs asking: which floor covering should I use? Many factors play a role in the decision: the hygiene of the floor covering, the pollutant load, scratch-resistance and sturdiness of the floor as well as its durability. A floor for the children’s room should fulfil all these requirements, as well as creating a cosy atmosphere. And this is where laminate for the children’s room comes into it – because laminate flooring offers numerous advantages and is ideal for the children’s room.

Laminate floors for children’s rooms:

Laminate for children’s rooms – perfect for playing

The right flooring is decisive in furnishing children’s rooms – it is not only where kids walk, but also where they play, meaning it has to withstand quite a lot. Laminate is excellent in children’s rooms because it is:

Children can play on the floor without any worries. Don’t worry about stains – just wipe them up with a damp cloth.

Kids can be kids on laminate floors – the insulation and surface coating help reduce footfall and impact sound.

Racing through the room on Bobby cars, tumbling wooden blocks or games of marbles are no problem for the children’s room – LOGOCLIC® is impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant.

Children can roll around and slide across the floor – the antistatic system ensures there is no unpleasant discharge.

LOGOCLIC® laminate for children’s rooms is made up of 90 percent natural wood.

Laminate does not offer allergens a basis for feeding or breeding.

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is considered free of harmful substances.

Ideal from looks to maintenance – laminate for children’s rooms

Different decors give the children’s room individual characters. From cosy to trendy – style the children’s room according to your youngsters’ wishes. You won’t have any problems from laying through to care, because LOGOCLIC® laminate for the children’s room is child’s play to lay and just as easy to keep clean. Thus laminate for children’s rooms is not only a pleasant and practical area for children to play on, it is a real blessing for the parents at the same time.

Have a look at the laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® and choose the suitable laminate for your children’s rooms.