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Laminate for basements

Go for laminate in your basement, too

Basement rooms are often cold, bleak and uncomfortable. Put an end to their reputation and turn your basement into a cosy room! Whether you use your basement as an office, party room or laundry room – laminate in the basement is always a good idea! It is important to choose the right laminate insulation and underlay, since basements often have a high degree of moisture. Transform your basement into a wellness zone – lay laminate in the basement!

Upgrade your basement with laminate

Concrete floor. White walls. A cool atmosphere. This is a description that would fit most basements. But it doesn’t have to be that way: upgrade your basement with a classy and cosy laminate floor! Because then you will be able to use your basement for so much more than just storage. With laminate in the basement you can set up a cosy office space or create a room for parties and celebrations. Just choose a laminate for the basement which matches your requirements and wishes, and take a huge step towards achieving your dream of a cosy basement!

Humidity in the basement – no problem with the right laminate accessories

Basements are usually quite damp. Not exactly the best conditions for laying laminate flooring. Yet with the right accessories, this is no problem at all: prevent moisture penetrating the laminate by using a vapour barrier. This underlay is a must especially for substrates such as screed, concrete or asphalt.

Choose a combination with impact sound insulation and your laminate is ready for laying in the basement. Make sure to leave a sufficient expansion joint so that the laminate does not buckle following changes in temperature. Seal the joints without glue using Clickguard™ from LOGOCLIC®, which provides the best protection against moisture.

Would you like to pimp your basement? Then take a look a the LOGOCLIC® product lines and choose the suitable laminate flooring for your basement today.