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Laminate for entrance areas

Floor covering in the corridor – tip: laminate for entrance areas

The entrance area is the part of your home that is most frequently put to the test. This is where wet shoes and dirty boots reside, high heels walk in and out of the door each day, and dripping umbrellas are placed to dry. So it is no wonder that this part of the house requires resilient flooring that is visually welcoming and creates a cosy atmosphere. Laminate is recommended for entrance areas! Because it can fulfil all demands and is available in a comprehensive range of decors. Find out here about laminate for entrance areas!

Laminate for entrance areas
Vinto laminate flooring

Laminate in the entrance area – necessary properties

The flooring in the entrance area of your home is put to the test every single day. Laminate flooring in entrance areas has to withstand a lot. It needs to be...

  • ...low-maintenance. Shoes bring a lot of dirt into your home, which you need to be able to clean up quickly and easily.
  • ...scratch-resistant and sturdy. Dropped keys or putting an umbrella down hard and tip first should not damage the floor covering.
  • ...quiet. Nothing is more annoying than loud footsteps in the entrance to your home.

Laminate can do all that – making it ideal for entrance areas

These days, laminate for entrance areas has unbeatable quality and stands out with numerous advantages. With LOGOCLIC® you will find durable, non-slip, easy-to-maintain laminate flooring that is very quiet thanks to its integrated impact sound insulation. Plus the appearance of our laminate can’t be beaten – depending on the style, it looks remarkable similar to real wood, yet it is much more durable than parquet floor. And in terms of feel, it is just as good as wooden flooring.