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Scratch-resistant laminate

LOGOCLIC® laminate can withstand everyday life – laminate is scratch-resistant!

Annoying little scratches in the floor do not look very decorative. Especially in the case of parquet flooring, unsightly injuries to the surface can quickly occur, because real wood flooring is not particularly robust. Laminate, on the other hand, is a good alternative, because thanks to the top layer of high-strength melamine resin, the surface is particularly impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant! Scratch-resistant laminate is a good tip, especially for families with children and pets, as you don't have to worry much about scuffs or scratches.
Find out here about scratch-resistant laminate from LOGOCLIC® and all the other advantages laminate has to offer.

Problems in the children’s room? Not with scratch-resistant laminate from LOGOCLIC®!

Laminate flooring n the children’s room has a lot to cope with. It is a playing surface for children, they slide across the floor, have car races on it and build big towers out of building blocks. No wonder things fall or the floor gets damaged in other ways from time to time. But with scratch-resistant laminate, you can prevent dents and other damage to the floor surface. Because laminate from LOGOCLIC® is particularly robust and also impact- and abrasion-resistant. That’s why its the ideal flooring for children’s rooms – because it can withstand all kinds of stress.

What do I do if a dent does occur in scratch-resistant laminate?

If a scratch or dent does occur in your laminate flooring, LOGOCLIC® provides a remedy: use the repair kit or repair paste to renew the surface. However, this is extremely rare with scratch-resistant laminate, as its special coating makes it very robust.

Laminate has many different properties. Take a look at the different decors of our laminate flooring and choose the scratch-resistant laminate that best suits you and your living situation and furnishing style.