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Quiet laminate from LOGOCLIC®

Impact sound and footfall insulation with laminate – quietly through rooms

Laminate still has the reputation of being loud. But with LOGOCLIC® this image is a thing of the past, because: LOGOCLIC® has quiet laminate in the range. A special, integrated insulation and a special surface coating reduce walking and impact noise. The resulting sound is thus very close to the sound of a solid wood floor. With additional insulation under the flooring and floating installation, you can prevent further noise from people walking on the laminate. Find out here about quiet laminate from LOGOCLIC®.

Like velvet paws – quiet laminate has its advantages

With a particularly high-quality laminate, footfall and impact sound insulation is already integrated. This makes laminate particularly quiet. This is also the case with LOGOCLIC®: the bottommost of the six layers in structure is the footfall and impact sound insulation. The unique Silentos Pro system is a 2 millimetre thick PU foam that ensures a 50 percent reduction in footfall sound in the room and makes 30 percent of impact sound disappear. Quiet laminate flooring can easily withstand all the stresses of everyday life and can also be installed as laminate on underfloor heating systems.

Enhance the effect of quiet laminate flooring

You can prevent even more footfall and impact sound by taking precautions before laying laminate. Choose a suitable insulating underlay to prevent further noise caused by walking on the laminate floor. In addition, floating installation ensures a further reduction in sound. In the accessories section, you will find a large selection of different insulation underlays and impact sound insulation.

You want to buy laminate that doesn't sound like typical laminate? Then go for high-quality laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® – take a look at laminate quiet from the different product lines here.