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Laminate suitable for underfloor heating

Laying laminate on underfloor heating is no problem!

Laminate and underfloor heating are often cause for discussion. Yet it can be so easy. Buy laminate for underfloor heating from LOGOCLIC®! With it, you can bring a pleasant ambience to your home. Because laminate creates a homely atmosphere, is heat-permeable and extremely easy to maintain. If you want your home to be cosy and warm, but don't want to miss out on the decorative look of real wood and also want a robust floor, buy laminate for underfloor heating from LOGOCLIC®.

Laminate floors suitable for underfloor heating:

Why laminate is suitable for use with underfloor heating

Are you looking for a floor covering that is suitable for underfloor heating? If you prefer laminate, we can tell you that you can install this flooring on underfloor heating – whether electric or hot water heating – without any problems thanks to its high material density. When choosing laminate flooring, however, make sure that it is marked as suitable for installation over underfloor heating. Pay less attention to the thickness and more to the specification of the laminate flooring's thermal resistance and impact sound insulation. The value of the laminate and insulating underlay should be less than 0.15 sqm K/W in total. In this context, we recommend the Silentos product line from LOGOCLIC®. This has integrated impact sound insulation and impresses with its extreme thermal conductivity with a material thickness of only 9 millimetres.

What needs to be taken into account when laying laminate over underfloor heating

As hot water underfloor heating systems lie in a layer of screed, a moisture test of the subfloor is an absolute must before installation, especially in new buildings! Therefore, have the subfloor checked by a professional with a CM measuring device. The following values should be observed for residual moisture:

  • Cement screed max. 2.0 CM%
  • Anhydrite screed or calcium sulphate screed max. 0.3 CM%

In addition, you should carry out a heating-up according to protocol before laying the laminate. For details, please contact the manufacturer of your heating system. 

To protect the floor from damage caused by moisture penetration, we recommend using a vapour barrier such as the Aquaprotec vapour barrier foil from LOGOCLIC®. You can find out more about insulation underlays on underfloor heating in our FAQ section.

If a room is equipped with several heating circuits or heating mats, the installation of a large laminate surface is unfortunately not possible. Since the floor expands unevenly with different heat, an expansion joint between the circuits is urgently needed to prevent damage from bulging. Find more information on what you should consider when installing the transition profiles for underfloor heating.

Heating laminate flooring with underfloor heating initially takes a little longer than with tiles, for example, because the heat first has to spread through the layers of the laminate to the surface. On the other hand, this type of flooring spreads a particularly cosy warmth because laminate stores the temperature despite its good heat transfer resistance and transfers it evenly to the room. In the medium term, you can even reduce your heating costs.

Warranty on laminate for underfloor heating

LOGOCLIC® laminate comes with a warranty of up to 30 years. To ensure that this warranty does not become invalid, make sure that the surface temperature of laminate for underfloor heating does not exceed 27°C. Because at these temperatures, the material can over-dry, the resins become brittle and the laminate is irreparably destroyed.

Cosy atmosphere thanks to laminate for underfloor heating

Laminate from LOGOCLIC® is made of 90 percent wood, which gives it a natural character. This effect is also enhanced by the natural look. Laminate, especially in warm colour shades, exudes a warm atmosphere. In combination with underfloor heating, it turns your home into an oasis of well-being with a pleasant climate.

Take a look at the product lines from LOGOCLIC® and choose the laminate for underfloor heating that best matches your requirements.