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Laminate for stairs & stair steps

Enhance stairs with laminate – laminate for stair steps

Laminate is suitable for the entire home or for all office rooms. Whether in the kitchen, hallway, office or children's room: laminate is an extremely practical and durable floor covering. That's why it's also recommended for stairs: with laminate for stair steps, you can renovate the stairs in no time and give them a new, homely look. Staircase laminate is also very easy to install and the matching skirting boards eliminate any trip hazards. Find out here about laminate for stair steps from LOGOCLIC®!

Laminate for stairs for more safety in the home

You can quickly and easily make well-worn stairs and steps safer and more attractive again: go for laminate for stairs! Avoid the safety risk of someone tripping over broken steps or carpet that you have spread over the areas in need of renovation. Simply lay laminate on the stairs – and the safety risk of worn stairs is history.

Visually beautiful and also practical – laminate for stair steps

Stair steps made of stone convey a cool character and add little cosiness to the room. You can counteract this with stair laminate: laminate radiates warmth and gives the staircase a cosy atmosphere. With LOGOCLIC® you can choose between different decors – you can give the staircase a wood look or add a touch of elegance with laminate in a tile look.

End profiles for optimally laid stair laminate

LOGOCLIC® not only offers laminate for stair steps, but also the matching end profiles for the stair edges. The angle profiles ave safety grooves to prevent slipping. The end profiles are fastened to stair laminate with screws. The end profiles for laminate on stair treads are both practical and give the stairs a clean and tidy appearance.

You too can lay laminate on stairs – select a suitable laminate for stair steps from the LOGOCLIC® product range. With the help of the shopping planner, you can create your own individual shopping list so that you never forget the floor or accessories.