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Non-slip laminate flooring

Never slip on laminate again – choose non-slip laminate

Many accidents in the home happen when people slip on damp or smooth floors. Avoid this injury risk by deciding in favour of a safe, non-slip floor. 
The smooth surface of laminate used to make it easy to slip on the floor. This flat surface is created by the use of melamine resin, which makes it particularly resistant. To obtain a non-slip laminate, the surface thus has to be produced in a different way than before. At LOGOCLIC® you get non-slip laminate that is high quality and affordable at the same time.

Gripper surface for non-slip laminate

To make laminate flooring slip-resistant, the surface must be specially treated. It must be non-slip and roughened. Non-slip laminate is especially important in rooms such as the kitchen or dining room where water is handled. Avoid slipping on laminate flooring, instead go straight for non-slip flooring from LOGOCLIC®.  

Despite non-slip laminate, you don’t have to miss out on anything.



Non-slip laminate also has all the advantages you are used to from laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC®. Non-slip laminate is robust and very resistant. In addition, despite the special surface, it is easy to clean and also withstands more aggressive household chemicals. Its dust-repellent surface also makes laminate the ideal flooring for allergy sufferers
Take a look at the non-slip laminate from LOGOCLIC®! With the help of the shopping planner, you can create your individual shopping list including the matching accessories in no time at all and buy everything at your local BAUHAUS.