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Antistatic laminate flooring

Electrostatic charge in floor coverings

When floor coverings are walked on, electrostatic voltage can occur due to the resulting friction or for atmospheric reasons. In this case, the negative and positive charges cannot dissipate and a difference in voltage builds up. As soon as there is contact with an earthed object, this voltage difference is suddenly equalised by means of an electrostatic discharge. Voltages of up to several thousand volts are suddenly discharged. 

Everyone has certainly experienced this physical phenomenon at some time or other, for example when getting out of a car or touching a door frame. 

LOGOCLIC® laminate impresses with its antistatic system

You often hear and read that carpeting in particular, but also laminate flooring, becomes electrostatically charged very quickly. In the case of laminate, this is mainly due to the composition of the surface.
But LOGOCLIC® offers the solution! Thanks to an integrated and officially certified antistatic system annoying charging is prevented. So if you want to avoid your hair flying and annoying charge, go for an antistatic laminate from LOGOCLIC®.

Antistatic laminate floors

Electrostatic charge with laminate – antistatic is an advantage

Many people know the problem: a few steps on a laminate floor and you are electrostatically charged. This is shown by your hair flying around or small electric shocks as soon as you get close to other people or objects. This discharge is not harmful to health, but they are extremely annoying and severely limit the enjoyment of laminate flooring if they occur regularly.
We therefore recommend antistatic laminate from LOGOCLIC®. Thanks to the specially integrated antistatic system, it ensures that naturally occurring electrical charges are dissipated to the subfloor.

This means that there is no annoying discharge and you can walk over the laminate floor without hesitation.

As well as enhanced living comfort, antistatic laminate from LOGOCLIC® also has the advantage of easier laminate cleaning. After all, dust and dirt no not stick as strongly to the floor due to the lack of charge.

Laminate is antistatic thanks to its special structure

The structure of LOGOCLIC® laminate is decisive for its antistatic properties. The floors are made up of a total of six layers. The bottommost layer is the footfall and impact sound insulation. The stabilising layer is placed on top of this, which balances the tension to the overlay and decor paper. Next is the HDF core material – a wood-based board made of wood fibres. The important material for antistatic laminate is next: the antistatic paper. This coating gives the laminate comprehensive protection against unpleasant discharge, which convinces you with its guaranteed permanent antistatic effect. This layer is then covered with the decorative layer, which is important for the appearance, and the final overlay, which ensures the floor's abrasion resistance.

Further advantages: laminate is not just antistatic

Laminate is not just antistatic, it impresses with further practical properties. Laminate flooring is extremely robust and scratch-resistant. Its closed surface makes it easy to maintain and thus particularly allergy-friendly. The best thing about laminate: it’s child’s play to lay.

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