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Laminate for bedrooms

Instead of parquet and carpet, choose laminate for the bedroom!

The bedroom is a place of rest. It is a refuge after a busy day, a place for you to sleep. And where better to do that than in a room where you feel completely relaxed? Turn your bedroom into an oasis of regeneration. The process starts with the choice of the right floor covering. Laminate creates a cosy ambience and is ideal for allergy sufferers. So choose laminate for your bedroom!

Laminate floors for bedrooms
Ambienta laminate flooring

A low-maintenance alternative: laminate in the bedroom

In the past, carpets were very popular in bedrooms because they exude a cosy atmosphere and provide warmth for bare feet in winter. However, because they offer the perfect habitat for dust mites, they are unsuitable for allergy sufferers so many people now choose smooth floors over carpets. Laminate is better suited for the bedroom. It is perfect for allergy sufferers as its smooth surface does not offer a basis for allergens to feed or breed.

Further advantages of laminate in the bedroom

Cleaning laminate is easy, too – simply wipe down with a damp cloth, and you’re done. In addition, laminate is light-fast, which means that the floor does not discolour even in direct sunlight. Let the sun wake you up every morning and enjoy the morning light from bed – without having to worry about the laminate floor in your bedroom!

Get the style you want with laminate in the bedroom

Laminate is the affordable alternative to parquet. Laminate is very similar to real wood in both looks and feel. And you are spoilt for choice when it comes to laminate for bedrooms. If you want to create a true-to-detail vintage look choose a light-coloured laminate such as Oak Tarent or Oak Anzio. For a more rustic bedroom go for laminate flooring in a floorboard look and for an elegant bedroom style choose laminate in a tile look – this looks like exquisite stone tiles but are not cold to the touch.

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