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Laminate in tile look

Not all tiles are the same – laminate in tile look

The tile-look interior style appeals to you, but you find real tiles in your living area a bit cool? LOGOCLIC® provides a remedy! Laminate tiles convince with a deceptively real look and at the same time have all the advantages of laminate flooring. Laminate creates a warmer room feeling, is very hard-wearing and particularly easy to clean. What's more, this flooring enjoys great popularity thanks to its affordable price. So if you want to combine the advantages of laminate flooring with the look of tiles – opt for laminate flooring in tile look.

This is what you can expect from laminate in tile and stone look

Light or dark. White, grey or red shades. With grain or simple. At LOGOCLIC® you will find a large selection of tile laminate. Natural-looking joints further enhance the tile look. Unlike tile flooring, which often conveys a cool atmosphere, laminate is pleasantly warm underfoot. The 90% wood content makes the floor feel pleasant and cosy. With suitable impact sound insulation, footfall sounds are not passed on to the subfloor. 

Laminate tiles in different styles

Whether in square form or as elongated tiles – laminate from LOGOCLIC® in tile look gives your room the desired style in no time at all. 
You will find a classic slate look with the Torino decor from the Ceramico 1285 product line or the Slate Anthracite decor from the Ceramico 1276 product. Of course you will also find light-coloured floor coverings at LOGOCLIC®, from white through cream-coloured to brownish. With Ceramico 1285 you also have the option of laying your floor with country house floorboards or laminate in the look of herringbone laminate. In combination with matching furniture, you can achieve the best results for your living room, hallway or office.

Tile-look laminate offers many advantages

As already mentioned, laminate conveys a warmth that you won't find in real tiles. In addition, tiles are often very expensive, especially for larger rooms. That's why we recommend laminate with a tile look. Because this looks like tiles, but is much more affordable, easy to clean and also very robust. Thanks to the high usage class, these floorboards can also withstand heavy use without any problems. If you drop a pan on the floor while cooking, the surface or edges of tiles can simply flake off.

Not much happens with laminate tiles, because the flooring yields somewhat and is impact-resistant.
However, still be careful when using laminate in wet areas! Regular laminate flooring is not suitable for areas such as bathrooms or kitchens that come into frequent contact with moisture. But LOGOCLIC® offers the perfect solution here, too: elementPro is a floor covering made of vinyl that is no way inferior to laminate flooring. This is also available in tile look and can withstand moisture without any problems.