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Laminate in ship deck look

A floor like on a ship – ship deck laminate from LOGOCLIC®

Laminate in ship deck look is suitable for every room. Whether living room, children's room or hallway, whether rustic or elegant: this special type of laminate manages to conjure up the desired atmosphere in the room. What's more, depending on how it is laid, you can make the room look smaller or larger. Since the decor looks like the planking of a ship’s deck, this look is also referred to as such. At LOGOCLIC® you will find ship deck laminate in various real-wood looks such as oak or beech.

The advantages of LOGOCLIC® laminate

easy to maintain

Don't worry if a wine glass falls on the floor – LOGOCLIC® laminate is easy to clean and also resistant to stains.


You are having a party and cigarette ash falls on the floor? No problem: no burn marks will be left on the 2-strip laminate.


UV-resistant – sunlight does not cause discolouration.


LOGOCLIC® is almost scratch-, imprint- and wear-resistant.


aminate offers no place for dust and thus dust mites.


enjoy the natural look and feel of the laminate flooring.

easy to lay

2-strip laminate from LOGOCLIC® is child’s play to lay.


laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is flame retardant.


In light rooms with a lot of sunlight you don’t have to worry that laminate will fade.

These are just a few of the features that make you choose laminate from LOGOCLIC®. Another reason: the large range of laminate in ship deck look – take a look at the product lines right now.

It’s all in the look – ship deck as laminate

The reason for the ship deck look is the pattern of the laminate. The boards, or the strips (as with 3-strip laminate) always run parallel but are offset. This creates an elongated and exciting effect, but at the same time the flooring gives the room a calm and harmonious atmosphere and: It comes in different colour shades. From light to reddish to dark laminate, LOGOCLIC® has various shades ready in its range.

The different types of wood for laminate in ship deck look

Are you furnishing your living room in a country house style? Or do you prefer the African style of furnishing? Depending on the type of wood you choose for the laminate flooring, you can additionally emphasise the desired furnishing style.