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Laminate in 2-strip look

2-strip laminate from LOGOCLIC®

Laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of designs, patterns and decors. The 2- or 3-strip design is very popular. Because this design looks harmonious and calm and still gives the living room or hallway an attractive look. But what is the difference between 2-strip laminate and 3-strip laminate? Both patterns consist of individual strips on a laminate panel. In contrast to 3-strip laminate, 2-strip laminate only has 2 strips. Discover the diverse laminate decors from LOGOCLIC® – usable from the hallway to the children's room.

Laminate flooring in strip look from LOGOCLIC® – the advantages

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® not only beautifies the room, it also makes many things easier for you thanks to its positive properties:

Don't worry if a wine glass falls on the floor – LOGOCLIC® laminate is easy to clean and also resistant to stains.

You are having a party and cigarette ash falls on the floor? No problem: no burn marks will be left on the 2-strip laminate.

In light rooms with a lot of sunlight you don’t have to worry that laminate will fade.

A special insulation and surface coating reduce footfall sound.

No scratches and no dents – laminate is abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant.

LOGOCLIC® laminate consists of 90% wood.

2-strip laminate from LOGOCLIC® is child’s play to lay.

Laminate in strip look – the effect

Wide laminate panels, strung together, often create a coarse, rustic look – and thus the atmosphere of a room is also influenced in that way. Laminate with a strip look counteracts this: The visual arrangement of several “strips” on a laminate panel creates a more delicate effect –- the floor immediately looks a little more refined and elegant. With laminate in a strip look, you have the choice of 2- or 3-strip laminate – the 3-strip laminate is even a shade finer and more delicate.

Make the room look larger with 2-strip laminate

Many factors influence how a room is perceived. Colours, shapes and the size of objects play just as big a role as the direction in which the laminate flooring is laid. Do you want a small room to look larger? Then choose 2-strip laminate, because this results in a calm impression and prevents a pattern that is too small from breaking up the room into small areas and thus visually narrowing it. There are also a few things to consider when laying the floor: lay the 2-strip laminate lengthwise, as this makes the room look longer. Laying crosswise, on the other hand, makes the room look shorter and this is definitely not advisable for small rooms.