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Laminate flooring with V-joint

Visual depth in the room thanks to decorative joints in the laminate

Small details on the furniture, in the choice of lighting and floor covering can give the room a quite special atmosphere. It’s the same with laminate with decorative joints: whether these are only on the long sides or all around the laminate panel – a joint increases the visual depth of a room and can convey a rustic look. Create the appearance of real wood floorboards or the flair of an endless plank look: choose a laminate floor with V-joint.

The names for laminate with V-joint

With laminate floors, there is a separate name for every feature and every detail. So that you know what we are talking about, here is the explanation of the joint names:

  • V2-joint: this specification means that the laminate only has a V-joint on the long sides. The horizontal joints are barely visible.
  • V4-joint: laminate with a V4-joint has such a joint on all sides of the laminate panel.

Design options with laminate with decorative joint

Floorboard look: if you choose laminate flooring with a V4-joint, you create the impression of real floorboards. Depending on the choice of decor, you can use it to intensify the rustic atmosphere – the darker and more structured the wood, the more intense the rustic look of your floor.

Generous room impression and depth: with a laminate with V2-joint, where the horizontal joints are so close together, you create the impression of a generous room with a lot of depth. This method is particularly suitable for narrow rooms. Longboards with a V2-joint create the additional impression of an endless timber look.

V-joints are mainly used for laminate flooring with a wood look – for tile-look flooring, the L-joint is a popular detail. Take a look at the LOGOCLIC® laminate floors Vinto XL-format, Vinto longboard and Zero, which have such a decorative joint.