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Laminate flooring 9mm

Choose the right laminate thickness for your requirements

You don’t need laminate that is too thick? Yet you need it to withstand everyday strain? Take a look at the LOGOCLIC® product lines and find the laminate that meets your requirements.
How can you recognise which laminate is suitable? There is the laminate thickness, the production process of laminate, the individual layers in the laminate structure as well as the usage class of the floor. All these factors indicate whether a floor covering is suitable for the room of your choice or not. Whether the laminate is nine or only five millimetres thick is not necessarily decisive.

Laminate floors 9 millimetres thick
Laminate flooring Silentos

What does thickness say about laminate flooring?

It is generally said that thicker laminate is also more robust than thin laminate. However, at LOGOCLIC® you will find thin laminate that can withstand everyday strain just as well as thicker laminate. You don't need flooring that is 14mm thick – it only takes up unnecessary room height. Instead, go for laminate with a thickness of 9mm, which even has integrated impact sound insulation thanks to additional layers.

LOGOCLIC® “Silentos” laminate – 9mm due to its integrated insulation

The Silentos product line from LOGOCLIC® is basically 7mm thick, but has 2mm of integrated impact sound insulation. The laminate is assigned to usage class 31, which means it is suitable for all types of use in the private sector and can even withstand light use in the commercial sector. It is also easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, light-fast and has a 15-year warranty.

Take a look at the different decors in the Silentos product line and choose one of the laminate decors in 9mm thickness.