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Laminate flooring 10mm

The thickness makes the difference – or does it?

Thick laminate is said to be more robust and durable than thin laminate. According to this, 10mm is more stable than laminate with only 7mm. Basically, it depends on the manufacturer, the production process and the quality of the laminate flooring. Thin laminate can be just as robust as thicker laminate. When buying laminate, it is important to pay attention to the usage class.

Laminate floors 7 millimetres thick:

Indications for the quality of a laminate floor

You’re wondering whether to buy the thicker or thinner laminate variant? Thicker doesn’t have to mean better. The following factors provide information about the quality of laminate:

Only a manufacturer who knows how good the quality of his product us will provide a 30-year warranty for it.

Laminate is basically made up of four layers. However, LOGOCLIC® laminate is made of up to six layers, because in addition to the usual laminate structure, an anti-static paper and, in some models, even impact sound and footfall sound insulation are integrated.

At LOGOCLIC® the individual layers are pressed together under great pressure and heat – making it harder and more stable than less intensive than manufacturing processes.

Laminate does not always have to be expensive to be of good quality. But it shouldn’t be too cheap either. Value for money is a term you should always keep in mind when buying.

Longboards from LOGOCLIC® laminate with 10mm thickness

In addition to the 192/10 product line, LOGOCLIC® longboards also have a thickness of 10mm. In this case the thickness plays an important role. Since the longboard panels are two metres long, they should have a certain thickness. Otherwise, there is a very high risk that the laminate flooring will crack or even break if there is minimal unevenness in the subfloor.

Take a look at the product lines with 10mm thickness. Laminate from LOGOCLIC® can be purchased in BAUHAUS specialist centres.