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Laminate flooring 7mm

Information on the right thickness of laminate flooring

The thickness of laminate flooring does not necessarily say anything about its robustness and scratch resistance. Although the maxim “the thicker the better” applies, it is primarily the way the laminate flooring is manufactured and the specified usage class that matter. Even thin laminate can be extremely robust and durable. At LOGOCLIC® you will find high-quality laminate flooring at a good price with a thickness of 7mm.
If you are replacing an old floor with laminate, laminate flooring with 7mm thickness has the advantage that you may not have to shorten any door frames or leaves when installing it and can fit the floor without any problems.

Laminate floors 7 millimetres thick:

Important: always consider the usage class

The usage class is more important than the thickness of a laminate floor. This provides information about which areas the laminate can be used in, and which loads it has been developed for. At LOGOCLIC® the Family product line has a thickness of 7mm and is assigned to usage class 31. This floor can therefore withstand even the heaviest loads in the residential sector – and is suitable for rooms with low use in the commercial sector. Thanks to its attractive price and the fact that it is available in many different decors, Family laminate flooring is very popular.