Laminate flooring for entrance areas

Flooring in your foyer – our tip: laminate for entrance halls

The entrance area or foyer is the part of your home that is most frequently put to the test. This is where wet shoes and dirty boots reside, high heels walk in and out of the door each day, and dripping umbrellas are dropped. So it is no wonder that this part of the house requires resilient flooring that is visually welcoming and creates a cosy atmosphere. Logoclic laminate flooring is simply perfect for entrance areas! It can stand up to any demand and is available in a wide range of structures and styles. Learn more about laminate for foyers and entrance areas today!

Laminate floors for foyers and entrance halls:

All that laminate in entrance areas has to withstand

The flooring in your entrance area or foyer of your home is put to the test, each and every day. Laminate flooring in entrance areas has to withstand a lot. It needs to be...

But don't worry - Logoclic laminate flooring has the best properties to withstand the day's needs. And the best of all: Thanks to the Click System, Logoclic floorings are very easy to be laid! See the laminate laying instructions for details.

Laminate is all this and more – perfect for your entrance area

These days laminate flooring for entrance areas offers unbeatable quality and many other benefits. With Logoclic©, you will find moisture-resistant, durable, non-slip, easy-to-care-for laminate flooring that is very quiet thanks to its integrated walking sound insulation. Plus, the appearance of our laminate flooring can’t be beaten – depending on the style, it looks remarkably similar to real wood, but is much more durable. And in terms of feel, it is in no way inferior to parquet or hardwood floors.




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