Laminate for Offices

Work on laminate – in offices with laminate flooring

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your office? The first question you ask yourself should be how much wear and tear it will have to withstand. The answer will help you choose from different classes of laminate flooring for the office. No matter which class you need, you can look forward to a wide variety – laminate lets you design your office in a number of styles. Learn more about laminate for the office here!

Laminate flooring for the office:

Which class of laminate flooring is best suited for your office?

When choosing laminate for your office, you need to consider: Is the flooring for your home office in your cellar? For a larger office with moderate traffic? Or perhaps for your conference room? Various classes are suitable for these different types of offices. Laminates from classes NK 31-33 are perfect for home offices. Class NK 32 and higher are recommended for larger offices in commercial buildings; and, depending on how often they are used, NK 32-33 laminate floors are best for conference rooms in commercial office buildings.

Is laminate flooring too loud or sensitive for office spaces?

The first step, as mentioned above, is to choose the right class of flooring for your needs. You needn’t worry about the noise of rolling office chairs on the laminate in your office. Logoclic© laminate's integrated footfall and walking sound insulation for the office prevents loud noises caused by rolling desk chairs. And even the wear and tear caused by office chair wheels poses no problem for laminate in the office: our laminate is scratch, impact and abrasion resistant, making it extremely sturdy. Plus, you can always use an office chair mat for extra protection. Find out more about the amazing properties of Logoclic laminate flooring.

A wide range of looks when it comes to laminate flooring for your office

From rustic to classic or something chic and simple: with Logoclic© you are sure to find the perfect style of laminate for your office. Whether you prefer the look of floorboards or tiles, light or dark colours or even long planks – you can choose the surface of laminate flooring that works best for your office. All that’s left is to install your laminate flooring – a piece of cake thanks to our easy-to-use Click System.

Have a look at our variety of laminate flooring for your office, make your decision and find the nearest hardware store.