Which laminate flooring best suits you?

Coloured, white, patterned or natural – You are spoilt for choice with suitable laminates

Have you not decided yet which laminate flooring is best suited to your home? No problem: Let yourself be inspired by the comprehensive Logoclic laminate selection. Find out below what you should remember when choosing the right laminate.

You shouldn’t only look down at the floor when you feel ashamed. The floor is the foundation of your furnishing and has a great influence on the atmosphere in your home.

Laminate class

For domestic areas with intense use:

For domestic areas with intense use:

For domestic areas with intense use:

Commercial Areas

For commercial areas with little use:

For commercial areas with medium use:

For commercial areas with intense use:

Which laminate for which room size?

Basically this rule applies: the larger the room, the larger the décor. A small tile look fits very well in small spaces while it looks restless in large spaces. Also keep in mind that the room acoustics are important in large rooms. This can be positively influenced with integrated sound insulation. In small rooms, integrated sound insulation is rather of secondary importance. LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring comes in a wide range of patterns and with different types of insulation.

Bedroom or entrance area – which laminate for which room?

That depends entirely on what effect you want to achieve. If you want to visually reduce a room in size, you should choose a dark parquet. Light floors on the other hand make rooms look larger.

Bedroom or entrance area – which laminate for which room?


For which type and level of stresses should your new floor be suitable? The usage stress depends on the frequency and intensity of use. Logoclic usage classes (UC) start from UC 31 and go up to UC 33 – the highest of all.

Laminate for very sunny rooms

So that the beauty of your flooring does not become faded, you should consider the light stability of the décor in areas with a high incidence of light. LOGOCLIC® products have very high light stability.

LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring guarantees carefree, beautiful living: Elegant in appearance and resistant to everyday stress, it fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.




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