Quarter round, squared

Installation of the rails


  1. Measurement
    Before the rail is cut to size, the required length must be determined. Take the mitre cut into account when measuring the wall, and the possible use of corner or transition connectors.
  2. Planning
    A floor plan drawing is useful for the room design. This can be used to determine the required length of rails and corresponding connectors and the number of installation clips.
  3. Cutting
    Take the mitre cut and connection fittings into account when cutting the rails to size. The rail length may be increased (mitre cut) or decreased (connection fittings) depending on the installation system.


Installation using clips

  1. Installation of the clips
  2. Fitting the flooring rail

Installation using integral carrier rail

  1. Installation of the screw-fitted carrier rail
  2. Fitting the flooring rail from the front

Installation by gluing

  1. Apply the adhesive
  2. Press the flooring rail on from the front