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LOGOCLIC® terms of warranty 

Guaranteed good living 

LOGOCLIC® products are sturdy and durable. Every customer can see and feel the top quality of LOGOCLIC® laminate floors on the basis of the high-grade finishes. And since quality is not only about looks, we offer up to 30 years warranty on LOGOCLIC® flooring!

Warranty period for LOGOCLIC® products: 
Pictogram of the 20-year logoclic warranty
20-year warranty
Pictogram of the 30-year logoclic warranty
30-year warranty

Warranty conditions

  1. Laying must be carried out in accordance with LOGOCLIC® laying instructions.
  2. In the contract area, the products must be glued in accordance with the laying instructions.
  3. Use and care must be carried out in accordance with the LOGOCLIC® laying instructions.
  4. Abrasion of the top layer is defined as a continuous area of at least one cm² where the decorative layer is completely missing. Abrasion marks on the edges of the elements are not included in the warranty claims.
  5. Extraordinary loads and mechanical damage as well as improper care render the warranty invalid.
  6. A complaint must be made in writing, at the latest 30 days after the occurrence of the defect, to the seller with original proof of purchase.
  7. Floorboards with visible material faults must not be laid. Failure to comply will invalidate the warranty.
  8. BAUHAUS AG reserves the right to carry out an on-site inspection of the defective goods.

Warranty services

In the event of a justified complaint, the defective parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the manufacturer's discretion.

If a decor is no longer available from the manufacturer, a replacement of equal value from the respective valid delivery programme will be provided.

The warranty can only apply in Germany. Mannheim is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

If a warranty service is provided, this does not extend the warranty period. The warranty service is based on the current value of the goods, i.e. during the entire warranty period, the replacement service is reduced annually in relation to the new value of the goods by the percentage share related to the warranty period. This means

  • for 15-year warranty 1/15 = 6.7%
  • for 20-year warranty 1/20 = 5.0%
  • for 30-year warranty 1/30 = 3.3%

In the event of a claim, the customer shall bear the difference between the current market value and the value as new.

German law shall apply to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG):

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