Laminate and parquet underlay - The best for below!

Not every home offers optimum conditions for the installation of laminate. Depending on the underground, additional insulation or levelling material must be used. This is the only way to ensure that living comfort remains untarnished. LOGOCLIC allows for an easy selection of a suitable insulation underlay.

Can LOGOCLIC laminate be installed on carpet?

No. The underground is too flexible so that the click fixings would be exposed to too much strain. Unfortunately, the carpet must be removed. Then it depends on the type of the underground which insulation materials you need between the underground and the laminate.

Laminate on floating screed - is that possible?

Of course! For this purpose you need a so-called vapour retarder and an impact and footfall sound insulation or you use an insulation underlay with an integrated vapour retarder. The "Pro Acoustic+" professional acoustic mat provides both. It is an excellent sound insulation and has a reliable humidity protection. Furthermore, it has extremely good thermal resistance properties, which is crucial in case of installation on heated floors. If thermal transmittance is not so important, the EPS Plus insulation can be used. It also is a combination of sound insulation and humidity protection, which is mandatory when installing laminate on mineral floors.

Installation on wood - a problem?

Not at all! In this case the main challenge is to solve the problem that the floor is not completely flat so that the insulation material must balance level differences. The XPS Maxima underlay has a very high footfall and impact sound and thermal insulation.

. It can level unevennesses of up to 4 mm. If demands on the insulation performance are less high, the ECO Wood underlay is an option - a natural product from wood fibre. What is important is that the wood floor is not flexible, i.e. creaking floorboards must be fixed safely before. This also applies to undergrounds from plywood or mounting boards. No vapour retarder needs to be used with them.

PVC floorings - do they have to be removed before installing LOGOCLIC laminate flooring?

If the PVC flooring is glued to the underground over its entire bottom surface and the floor is no heated floor: no. PVC flooring is an effective vapour retarder so that there is no need for installing an additional humidity protection. If the floor is flat, you can even install it without any additional levelling insulation. In case of unevennesses, you require an underlay to level them. Suitable products include the XPS Maxima or the Eco Wood underlay.

Tiles or stone floor - what to do?

In this case a vapour retarder is necessary. This means that it makes sense to use an insulation with integrated humidity protection. Second must: footfall or impact sound insulation. Perhaps also necessary: floor levelling. As with the installation on floated screed, you can then choose from a variety of insulation underlays depending on the main focus of your room situation.




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