Laminate and parquet underlay - The best for below!

Not all homes offer optimal conditions for the installation of laminate flooring. Depending on the existing underground, some work may be required and additional insulation or levelling material must be used. A well prepared surface is the only way to ensure that living comfort is long lasting and remains untroubled. LOGOCLIC® makes the selection of a suitable insulating underlay extremely convenient. Whether the floor is made of screed, you have wooden floor or stone floor - LOGOCLIC provides you with the ideal material to lay laminate on different subfloors.

Can LOGOCLIC® laminate be laid on top of carpeting?

No! The carpeted floor is too flexible as a foundation, so the click connections of the laminate are exposed to heavy stress. Unfortunately, the carpet has to be removed before installing laminate flooring. The type of insulation material you need between the substrate and the laminate depends on the type of base beneath the carpet.

Laminate on screed floor, is that possible?

Of course! To do this, you will need a so-called vapour barrier and footfall or walking sound insulation. Alternatively you can use an sound insulating underlay with an integrated vapour barrier such as the professional acoustic mat "Pro Acoustic+", which combines both functions. It also has extremely good heat transition properties, which is particularly important when laying this product on top of underfloor heating.

Can laminate be laid on wooden floors?

It all depends on the wood floor. In most cases, wooden floors are not exaytly level and the insulation material has to level out this unevenness: The XPS Maxima underlay can compensate for height differences of up to four millimetres.

If you pay special attention to ecological production and sustainability, Eco Wood fibreboards are the ideal choice. This natural product made wood fibres of renaturalized timber. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the wooden floor is not moving. So creaking floorboards have to be firmly fastened before installing laminate flooring on top of it. The same applies to plywood or mounting plates.

Laminate on PVC-floors - is that working well?

If the subfloor is fully bonded over the entire surface and there is no underfloor heating, you can definitely install laminate flooring onto PVC without any problems. The PVC flooring is an effective vapour barrier and you therefore do not have to install any additional moisture protection layer. If the floor is absolutely leveled, you can also install laminate flooring here without additional compensating insulation. If the floor is irregular, you will need an underlay that can level out the unevenness. The XPS Maxima or the Eco Wood underlay are suitable for this purpose.

Tiles or stone floors - what to do?

You will definitely need a vapour barrier for this purpose. The use of insulation with integrated moisture protection makes perfect sense here. A second must-do: Consider a proper walking or footfall sound insulation. Perhaps also required is some kind of floor levelling. Like when laying on screed, you can choose from a wide range of insulating underlays, depending on the main focus of your room requirements.

Here you can find the complete range of Logoclic insulation products.