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What do I put under floors with impact sound integrated floors?

At LOGOCLIC® you will find laminate with integrated footfall and impact sound insulation. This is integrated as the bottommost layer in the laminate’s structure and reduces footfall sound by 50 percent and impact sound by 30 percent. Now the question arises: if impact sound insulation is already integrated, what should be laid under the laminate? Additional impact sound insulation is not necessary. However, a vapour barrier should always be laid.

Additional footfall and impact sound insulation

The thicker and also the softer the layer under the laminate floor, the greater the load when the floor is walked on. This puts more stress on the joints and can lead to unsightly joint formation. The integrated impact sound insulation is sufficient to reduce impact sound and footfall sound.

Why should a vapour barrier be installed?

A vapour barrier is a film made of polyethylene and prevents moisture rising from the subfloor from penetrating into the laminate floor. A vapour barrier or vapour retarder is particularly necessary for mineral subfloors such as screed, concrete or asphalt. This will prevent any structural damage or swelling of the laminate flooring.

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