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How pollutant-impacted is laminate?

Laminate flooring is not a health risk, neither for adults nor for children. This is because the solvents (formaldehyde) contained in laminates are present in such small quantities that laminate is classified as low-pollutant or pollutant-free. Laminate from LOGOCLIC® is also not a burden on the environment, as the floor covering consists of around 90 percent wood-based materials and can be disposed of with normal residual waste.

Tested and certified laminate

LOGOCLIC® laminate does not have a pollutant load – this is confirmed by awards such as the Blue Angel or TÜV. In the process, the laminate is tested for its quality properties, pollutants and other factors.

Laminate without pollutants – for the sake of the environment

The majority of LOGOCLIC® laminate is manufactured using wood residues from domestic forests. In addition, laminate is very durable, which is also demonstrated by its long warranty. This means you don't have to keep buying new flooring – which is also good for the environment. Laminate from LOGOCLIC® is produced with low emissions, without pesticides and without harmful heavy metals.

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