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What does the warranty cover?

The LOGOCLIC® warranty applies in principle to private use of the laminate. LOGOCLIC® laminate is extremely durable, which is why the warranty for floor coverings lasts for 15, 20 or even 30 years. If the warranty conditions are met, you receive a guarantee for abrasion, light fastness and stain resistance of the top layer. This guarantee begins on the date of purchase.

Warranty conditions

To receive the full warranty service, the laminate flooring must be treated in accordance with the warranty conditions. This starts with laying in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, covers the right care and specified use of the floor covering. Find out now about the LOGOCLIC® warranty conditions.

Cases where the warranty applies

LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring has properties such as light-fastness, resistance to stains and abrasion and more. If these properties do not exist – for example, if the floor wears out excessively quickly or fades when exposed to light – a warranty claim can be made, provided the time of the damage is still within the scope of the warranty.

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