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Is the surface of laminate light-fast?

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® has numerous advantageous properties that make it an ideal floor covering for any living or working situation. In addition to properties such as robustness, abrasion and scratch resistance or antistatic properties, LOGOCLIC® laminate is also absolutely light-fast. This means: no discolouration of the laminate flooring is to be expected when exposed to sunlight.

Why is laminate light-fast?

Laminate does not fade in sunlight, since special protective layers protect the decorative surface from damage, including damage from sunlight. The structure of LOGOCLIC® laminate is as follows:

The overlay is a transparent, light paper web that is wetted with liquid melamine resin. This resin turns the overlay into the ideal protective layer for the lower laminate layers.

The decorative layer printed with wood or stone decor is also wetted with melamine resin and pressed onto the coreboard under heat and pressure together with the overlay.

This layer offers comprehensive protection against discharge.

The wood-based panel has a very homogeneous structure, a closed surfaces as well as a high density and, thus also a good bending and transverse tensile strength.

The stabilising papers are resin-impregnated papers on the underside of the laminate and are used to balance the tension to the overlay and decor paper.

The unique LOGOCLIC® Silentos Pro system is PO foam 2.0 mm thick. This reduces footfall noise in the room by 50 percent and impact sound by 30 percent.

This structure ensures that the laminate flooring is robust and, above all, light-fast. So you don’t need to worry that the surface of the laminate flooring will fade over time.

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