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What does floorboard look, three-strip and two-strip mean?

Laminate flooring is available in different decors and versions. You can choose between dark or light laminate, laminate in tile and stone look or laminate in floorboard look. Depending on your choice, you can create a different living flair in the room. Strip design is also very popular for laminate flooring.

Explanation of floorboard look, two-strip and three-strip
Floorboard look
Long panels with a rustic wood look define the floorboard look. The laminate is reminiscent of old real wood floorboards. This look is so similar to real floorboards that you can almost hear the creaking sound when you walk on it.
Two-strip and three-strip
With the strip look, a pattern is formed from individual strips. Either two, three or more strips are arranged on the panel, offset from one another.

Positive influence on the room

Many factors influence the perception of a room. Not only colour and light play a role, the pattern of the laminate flooring can convey different impressions too. If a small room is to be visually enlarged, 2-strip laminate is suitable. A small pattern would break up the room into many small areas and thus appear restless and constricting. A 2-strip look, on the other hand, gives a calm impression. In large rooms, on the other hand, it is better to go for a small pattern to make the room look smaller. This is best achieved with 3-strip or fine-strip laminate.

Floorboards for a rustic look

Floorboards are usually chosen when you want to give the room a rustic atmosphere. If you choose mainly coarse wood decors in dark colours, this rustic effect is further enhanced and also creates a lively and cosy ambience.  

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