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What does abrasion class mean?

The abrasion class defines the resistance of a laminate floor in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 13329:2006. It is marked as AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5…

How is the abrasion class determined?

A test specimen is clamped onto a test fixture and the wheels covered with emery paper, the so-called friction wheels, are placed on the test specimen. Then 100 revolutions are carried out with these wheels. The test specimen is then examined for abrasion. This process is continued until abrasion is clearly visible. This is the initial abrasion point, which is indicated as the IP value – i.e. the point at which a clearly recognisable abrasion of the decor is evident for the first time.

The values of the individual abrasion classes

IP value ≥ 900 revolutions

IP value ≥ 1,500 revolutions

IP value ≥ 2,000 revolutions

IP value ≥ 4,000 revolutions

IP value ≥ 6,000 revolutions

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is robust as well as resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches. For this reason, the abrasion classes for LOGOCLIC® only start at AC3. You will not find abrasion classes AC1 and AC2 in the range of LOGOCLIC® laminate.

Take a look at the overview of LOGOCLIC® product lines and choose a laminate floor with suitable abrasion and usage class.

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