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Do I have to pre-store the laminate before laying it?

Laminate of the LOGOCLIC® brand is made up to 90 percent from wood-based materials. Laminate flooring thus has the same typical material properties as real wood. This means that the material adapts to the humidity of its environment. Depending on the temperature and level of humidity in the room, the wood-based material absorbs or releases moisture. This can cause a dimensional change in the form of swelling or shrinkage in the laminate panels.

How to prevent swelling and shrinkage

Prevent this change: be sure to adjust the laminate flooring to the room climate before laying and store the material for 48 hours before laying in the room where it will be used later.

This is what happens if laminate is not pre-stored

If this acclimatisation is not carried out before use – for example, if the laminate is transported from the dry DIY store into a new building that is still “damp” and is laid immediately, this can lead to joint formation, cupping and extreme dimensional changes, among other things. For the same reason, you should also think about expansion joints when laying after pre-storage.

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