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Can I lay the laminate through the doorway?

No, it is not advisable when laying laminate to “lay the floor through” between two rooms and thus over a doorstep. This is because the laminate swells and shrinks in different ways due to different temperatures and different humidity levels in the individual rooms. It is therefore advisable to leave an expansion gap between the rooms and in the area of the door.

Bridging the expansion joint

To conceal and bridge this expansion joint, there are profiles of various types and skirtings for the wall gap. LOGOCLIC® offers these in various decors and decors. You can fasten the profiles and skirtings by means of screws or an insertion system – but installation is also possible by means of adhesive.

Why is an expansion joint necessary?

LOGOCLIC® laminate is made of up to 90 percent wood – and wood works over time. Thus, the floor may swell or shrink depending on the temperature and humidity. Therefore, an expansion joint should be maintained – especially if the area to be installed measures more than eight metres in the longitudinal direction or more than eight metres in width.

Choice of transition profiles