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Can I lay laminate on underfloor heating?

Due to the high material density, laminate is ideally suited for installation on hot water heating systems. Laminate has optimal thermal conductivity. The heat from the underfloor heating can easily pass through the material and is absorbed very little.

As hot water underfloor heating systems are laid in a screed bed, it is important to carry out a moisture test first and then heat-up according to protocol before laying the laminate.

Laminate & underfloor heating  

Vapour barrier film necessary?

A vapour barrier is actually always necessary between the screed and the laminate. Whether you need additional impact sound insulation, and if so, what kind, depends on the laminate for underfloor heating. The best solution here is a laminate floor such as Silentos (thermal resistance: 0.103 m²K/W) with its extreme thermal conductivity and only 0.3 mm material thickness. For more information, see the topic insulating underlay for underfloor heating.

Note: LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring is only suitable for laying on underfloor heating if the surface temperature never rises above 27 °C. If this is not ensured, the manufacturer's warranty for the floor is rendered invalid.

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Laminate floors suitable for underfloor heating