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Do I also have to keep edge spacing for the pipes that run through my laminate at the edge?

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® consists of around 90 percent wood-based materials. This means the floor may swell or shrink over time due to changing temperature and humidity – in other words, the floor expands or contracts. If it expands, the result can be an unsightly ripple in the floor. To avoid this, you should keep an edge spacing from adjacent solid objects as well as from the wall.

Rule of thumb for measuring clearance

As a rule of thumb it can be said that the clearance should be about the same size as the material thickness. With laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® a clearance of about 12 to 15 mm is recommended. To conceal these gaps and joints, LOGOCLIC® has matching skirting boards, profiles and collars in its range.

Covers for visible pipes in the room

Attractively shaped radiator pipe collars conceal the clearance to be maintained when laying laminate. With plastic collars from LOGOCLIC® you have a choice of different decors. Three adapters make the pipe collars suitable for any pipe thickness – for pipes with a diameter of 15, 18 or 22 millimetres. You can get the pipe collars at your local BAUHAUS specialist centre – just like the high-quality laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC®.

Click here for instructions on how to lay laminate flooring!

Universal plastic pipe collar
Pipe collars