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How do I lay laminate at a crooked wall?

Unfortunately, not every room has only right-angled corners. Laying laminate on sloping walls does require a little skill, but with the right technique it can be mastered even by amateur DIY-ers. As a rule, only one wall in the room is sloping, which also creates only one acute angle. It is important to start laying at the smallest corner (most acute angle). Otherwise the last panels will be very difficult to place.

When walls are crooked, there are always two laying directions available:

  • The panels are aligned with the end (short side) facing the crooked wall
  • The panels are aligned with the side (long side) facing the crooked wall

Special cases with crooked walls

Tight corners where a radiator is also fitted are particularly tricky. The easiest thing to do here is to fit the corner panels together first and then slide them in place. If absolutely necessary, the panels can be glued first to enable them to be positioned more easily.