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Can I lay laminate on carpet?

To lay laminate flooring, you need a suitable subfloor. This should be stable, even and dry. Therefore, you must make sure that the subfloor meets these requirements before laying the floor. For these reasons, carpet is not a suitable subfloor for laying laminate on. The soft fabric would have too little pressure stability. Hygiene is another reason to remove the carpet or rug before laying laminate.

Tips for the right subfloor for laminate flooring

Make sure that the subfloor is level. If there is a surface difference of more than 3 mm per running metre, you should level the subfloor.

The subfloor should be as firm as possible. Mineral substrates: such as screed or concrete, chipboard structures, old substrates with hard coverings such as ceramic or PVC and wooden floorboards are suitable.

Rising moisture from below must always be reckoned with where mineral subfloors are involved. You prevent this by using a vapour barrier film.

Take a look at the LOGOCLIC® laying instructions and buy suitable tools and laminate accessories in advance – at your BAUHAUS specialist centre for example.

Laminate can also be laid on other substrates. Find out what you need to bear in mind when laying laminate on tiles or what special features there are if you want to lay laminate on PVC.