A high-quality flooring is the base for a comfy flat - not just in the most literal meaning. Even if the greatest wish when renovating or building is to buy high-quality products at a reasonable price, you should not save at the wrong end. 

Laminate by LOGOCLIC - quality does not have to be expensive

Laminate flooring should not be about the price, but about the ambience that a new floor covering brings to the home. Laminate flooring creates a pleasant indoor atmosphere in the twinkling of an eye.

Difference between parquet and laminate - the price is decisive

Often the price is the deciding factor when choosing between parquet and laminate. Laminate flooring is often said to be inferior to parquet in terms of appearance. This is definitely not true with laminate floorings by LOGOCLIC! Since the surfaces of this laminate are very well made, you can hardly tell the difference between genuine parquet and LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring. It is of very high quality - resilient, versatile and due to its high workmanship and finish it comes very close to the feeling of real wood. 

Get the best product for your money

Laying laminate flooring is quick and easy. Thanks to the click mechanism, even the amateur craftsman can easily lay LOGOCLIC laminate by himself. Not only do you save money when purchasing, you also save the trouble of hiring a contractor to install the laminate.

However, if you prefer real wood, LOGOCLIC also offers a number of different products for parquet floors.

Choose quality from LOGOCLIC® - here not only the quality of the laminate is right, but also the price!



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