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Which formats is laminate available in?

Laminate flooring has long since shed its image as “cheap flooring”. In the meantime, laminate flooring is of high quality and allows for an individual design of the living room or work area. As diverse as the possible uses of modern laminate are, its appearance is equally varied. This not only concerns colour and decor, laminate formats are also diversified. There are long floorboards, narrow panels or standard laminate formats to choose from. At LOGOCLIC® you will find different formats of laminate flooring.

Overview of the formats of LOGOCLIC® laminate

Different laminate formats or different looks

Longboards have a great effect in the room. They are only chamfered on the long side. Since the end joints are almost invisible, they create the impression of endless floorboard length. Those who prefer the parquet floor look will choose panels in standard format with edges chamfered on both sides – thus visibly separating the panels from each other. In addition, you can achieve different results through your choice of laying direction for the laminate flooring.

Take a look at LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring and decide in favour of the format that best matches the requirements of your room.

Examples of laminate formats