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What are profiles needed for?

Different floor coverings are often laid in a flat or house. And even if the same floor coverings are used throughout the house, they are not always laid continuously in all rooms. In both cases, joints occur. These want to be hidden and covered. On the one hand, for an attractive appearance, on the other hand, to avoid tripping hazards. This is exactly what profiles are needed for. These create smooth transitions between different floor coverings and ensure perfect edge trims.

Types of profiles for floors:

from floor to floor – requires same height

from floor to floor – compensation of differences in height possible

laminate to adjacent components (wall, balcony etc.)

finishes off stairs and steps

Profiles can be fixed in place using screws or assembly adhesive. LOGOCLIC® also has self-adhesive profiles in the range.

If you have never mounted a profile before, you will also find instructions on our website for mounting profiles – both by means of screws and with the help of mounting adhesive.

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